“The dog is the only
creature in the world
that loves you more
than himself.”


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My adventure with Golden Retriever began with an incident. That happened to me at work. The dangerous dog bit me. This resulted in strong trauma. Then I made the decision to buy a big dog which has a different nature, which loves people. I decided on Golden Retriever, the cream female in type of exhibition and breeding.

I called many times to different dogs breeding. And I met a lot of problems there weren’t puppies for sale or I had to wait too long for newborn puppies. Finally I found my little cream female in the Adekatos Poland dog breeding (near Częstochowa). At home we called her Luna. I would like to specially thank Mr. Tomasz Sławik for our wonderful dog. My son Konrad took over some of the responsibilities: he walked Luna for training and prepared her for exhibitions. Lune grew, took on the exterior, gave us a lot of joy and love. This eliminated my strong fears. I made the decision to start a dog breeding, nicknamed Aureus Amicus (Latin : gold friend).

I would like to make other people happy with having a loving friend and also a new family member.